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因为俄罗斯入侵乌克兰相关新闻数量激增,本bot已经用完DeepL的免费翻译额度。现在,本bot的DeepL自动翻译由 捐助支持!感谢!!

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"Bereft like slaves": Tyra paramedic tells of the conditions under which she was held captive

She stressed that everything should be done to ensure that prisoners are protected by the international Convention on Human Rights, because the Russians violate these rights.

Today in Sumy region Russians killed a civilian, another was wounded

Since 18:00, the occupants have been actively shelling several communities in the region.

Ukraine's EU candidate status is a foregone conclusion - Polish Foreign Minister

The EU foreign ministers were unanimous on this issue.

Bandera sets the style: unique embroidery is bought by customers from all over the world

For a vyshyvanka, like Stepan Bandera's, the defenders have bulletproof vests.

"History goes in a circle": Russian journalist predicted the collapse of Russia and explained the role of Lithuania

According to him, it is Lithuania that can start the collapse of Russia, as it once collapsed the USSR.

【在扎波罗热,一只山羊 "解除 "了几个入侵者的武装】
In Zaporozhye, a goat "disarmed" several invaders

Their own stretchers worked against the invaders.

The media explained why Russia is dying out

The birth rate in Russia today is lower than it was in the 1990s. Journalists explained the reasons for the extinction of Russia's population.

【欧盟为乌克兰敲定95亿美元贷款方案 - 彭博社】
EU finalizes $9.5 billion loan package for Ukraine - Bloomberg

The new macrofinancial assistance program is expected to consist of 25-year loans with a 10-year grace period. The interest will be covered by the EU budget.

Hungary is ready to transport grain from Ukraine through its territory

Any food cargoes are ready to be transported through Hungarian territory.

Arestovich announced Ukraine's losses in the war

According to him, the country lost about 10,000 defenders.

Kremlin admits that anti-Russian sanctions will finally bury Nord Stream

According to Peskov, Russia is ready to supply gas via Nord Stream in full, but for this Europe must return the repaired turbines.

Zelensky was visited by a famous Hollywood actor and called him his hero

The day before Stiller visited Irpen and Makarov in Kyiv region.

When will Putin die: a psychic on the Tarot cards called the exact month

The expert expressed his fear that Putin may be replaced by Kadyrov.

【敌人在Luhanshchina发动了大规模的攻击,拉起了所有的储备 - OVA】
The enemy launched a large-scale attack in Luhanshchina, pulling up all reserves - OVA

In Severodonetsk, fighting is already continuing in the industrial zone.

Putin is afraid that the spark of democracy may reach Russia - Scholz

This is why the Russian dictator is pursuing a policy aimed at breaking up NATO and the EU.

Up to 200 Russian servicemen escaped into the woods after fighting near Izyum, their commanders are looking for them

The invaders are wounded, dirty, hungry and angry.

The National Bank told what is happening with loans for businesses

The volume of foreign currency loans issued to businesses decreased by 17.3 billion UAH.

Biden made an evasive statement about his visit to Ukraine

【美国总统还称,乌克兰 "非常有可能 "成为欧盟的一员。】
The U.S. president also called it "very likely" that Ukraine will become a member of the European Union.

"Unpleasant reality": Borrel said that Putin wants to destroy Ukraine physically

The EU high representative noted that we should not forget that the war is still going on, and therefore the food crisis and geopolitical consequences should not prevent us from continuing to support Ukraine.

Regimantas Adomaitis, star of the film "Mirage", passed away

The actor was battling cancer and before he died he announced that he was stopping treatment.

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