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因为俄罗斯入侵乌克兰相关新闻数量激增,本bot已经用完DeepL的免费翻译额度。现在,本bot的DeepL自动翻译由 捐助支持!感谢!!

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Russian occupants delivered obsolete T-62 tanks to Melitopol

Thirty units of Russian equipment entered the village of Kirillovka.

The occupants brought a previously captured Ukrainian Navy boat to Snake Bay: they are planning provocations

A naval grouping of enemy forces in the Black Sea continues to block navigation and port operations.

【米科拉伊夫州居民不顾风险和炮击返回家园 - 金正日】
Residents of Mykolaiv region return home despite risks and shelling - Kim

【前一天,俄罗斯占领者用 "Smerch "击中了米科拉夫的居民区,结果造成一名平民受伤。】
The day before, the Russian occupants hit residential areas of Mykolaiv with a "Smerch", as a result of which one civilian was wounded.

Shooting in Kharkiv: New details of the incident emerged

According to local sources, the conflict initially arose in one of the cars with the TRO logo.

Ukrainian fighters shot down two Russian cruise missiles in a day

Two cruise missiles were intercepted and destroyed by fighters of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

【俄罗斯的铁幕将沿乌克兰东部边境降下 - 韦列舒克】
Iron Curtain descending on Russia will pass along the eastern border of Ukraine - Vereshchuk

【副总理兼临时被占领土重返社会部长Iryna Vereshchuk在达沃斯举行的自由乌克兰募捐活动中呼吁共同迫使普京结束战争并向乌克兰提供重型武器。】
At a charity event in Davos "Free Ukraine" Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Iryna Vereshchuk called together to force Putin to stop the war, to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons.

【欧盟对俄罗斯的石油禁运提议陷入僵局 - 大众传媒】
The European Union's proposed oil embargo on Russia is stuck in a deadlock - mass media

Hungary is heavily dependent on Russian oil and gas.

【奥地利将接收我国严重受伤的士兵进行治疗 - 泽伦斯基】
Austria will take our severely wounded soldiers for treatment - Zelensky

The president had a conversation with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehummer, during which they discussed the situation in Donbas and other areas of hostilities.

"They don't have enough young people anymore": Zelensky on the permission in the Russian Federation to take older people into the army

The president stressed the importance of assistance to Ukraine by partners, first and foremost with weapons, and assistance without exceptions or limitations.

Mourinho conquered a unique achievement: Roma became the first Conference League winner in history

Jose Mourinho became the first coach in history to win all three European Cups.

Reznichenko: The enemy launched missile strikes on Krivoy Rog, hitting an industrial enterprise

Serious damage, information on the victims is being clarified.

Germany has agreed to buy liquefied gas from the U.S.

The contract provides for a 15-year contract for the supply and purchase of about 2.25 million tons of gas per year.

Danilov: the only thing we lack today are military aircraft

The head of the NSDC emphasized that today the task of our troops, the defense and security sector is to destroy to zero the power of the Russian army, so that the issue of Ukraine's independence will never be on the agenda of the Russian Federation.

"Give Russia a Piece of Ukraine": Zelensky responded harshly to proposals to concede to the enemy

The president criticized former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger's proposal.

There was an explosion in Uman: the Cherkasy Regional Department of Internal Affairs told the reasons

The incident is reported in the yard of one of the houses, tentatively no casualties.

Three people were killed in a shootout in Kharkiv: the first details and video emerged

The shooter was disarmed during the arrest.

Occupied Donetsk has a critical shortage of blood donors - Andryushchenko

The blood bank accepts donors almost around the clock.

Arestovich pointed out a serious problem in Ukraine against the backdrop of war

The advisor to the head of OPU believes that Ukrainian society is splitting because of fatigue from the war.

Soldiers of the OOS group repulsed 10 enemy attacks, and fighting is still going on in two locations

Anti-aircraft defense units in the skies of Ukrainian Donbass shot down four Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles.

Intelligence revealed the military situation in the occupied south of Ukraine

According to the spokesman for the Defense Ministry, the Russians are probably trying to gain a foothold in the seized territories for a long time.

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